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LLovers & Friends

LLovers & Friends


Collection III LLovers & Friends has pulled from many inspirations over the last 6 months. From Formula 1 racing, to the city of Los Angeles, and sports in general. The inspiration for llovesick is always being pulled through some sport or active outlet.

The racing shorts are exactly what they sound like. Shorts that are wearable in almost any occasion, but have the feel of the race track. Scattered checkered print draped across the right leg representing crossing the finish line on a formula F1 track, and the llovesick logo stamped on the other leg. Mesh shorts are a utility piece in today’s fashion world. Either to be worn at home relaxing or outside on the go. These shorts are versatile and ready to wear on every occasion.


When creating the burrow tees I thought a lot about the city of Los Angeles and how it compares to the grid lay out of New York City. Anytime one go to the tristate area, knowing what burrow of the city you are staying in is important for navigation. Like NYC, in my eyes, I see similarities with Los Angeles and the cities within the city itself. The burrow tees represent a different hot spot of Los Angeles; from up north in Calabasas, down to Malibu, and over to Beverly Hills. Each tee is custom dyed to a representing color of each burrow. These tees are made to be worn, and worn a lot. The more you wash the tee the better it gets.


In Collection III I wanted to offer a variety of different caps seeing that our audience has been growing, and new styles are imminent. Three dad hats colors, black and mustard, which will entail a Celtic L on the front, and the standard hat llovers flag on the left side. The third is a denim and khaki cap with a micro logo on the front. All three dad hats are new styles to the collection. Two new starter pack trucker hats in Tarheel blue and white/black, along with a black and yellow version. Two hats we wanted to correlate with the racing shorts are the corduroy pit hats, one in khaki and one in green, with the micro logo on the front and the #7 circled on the side. Lastly, my favorite of the new group of hats, is the corduroy snapback. A white cap, detailed with a black brim and sleek green under-bill. The front is a 3D embroidery word representing llovesick and country. HEARTLAND printed on the front.


This is Llovesick, Collection III.